All files are custom developed using our research and development and test and measurement facilities and are ready to download.

Special request files and our regular file exchange processes are still available to you as normal. This updated VIEZU Dealer only web site also allows you to top up your account with File Key Credits or renew you licenses subscription on your tuning tools.

You can upload your original file from anywhere that you have internet connectivity and the Automated File Dispatch Service will decode your file, check your vehicle details and ECU type before locating a selection of modified files for you to choose from. This means that tune files can be requested and created 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Any tune files that cannot be completed by our system, or requires support from the VIEZU Technical Team will automatically generate an email to desk@viezu.com; this intuitive system means there is no additional action from yourself, sit back and we will create your file and let you know when it’s ready this should take no more than 1 hour. The Technical Team will respond within 1 hour BST during normal working times.

You only pay for the tuning files you successfully download.

Simple! To start the process click on the “Upload Your File” link above, this will take you to a page which will ask you for information about your car and for your KessV2 or KTAG read file.

Once you are finished hit the Submit button, our website will take your data and Read file, decode and analyse the data and then report back what tune types are available and which tune files are already available for download.

After making your choice you will be taken to our payment screen, fill out all the required details and once payment has been confirmed the website will take you to our our download page which will automatically start the download of your requested tune file.

If the tune level you want is not available for immediate processing then once you have selected a tune file a ticket is automatically sent to the VIEZU Technical team alerting them to your file request.

Your file will be created, as normal, and once it has been finished you will be sent an e-mail, to the e-mail address given, with a link to this website to resume the process

At this time KessV2 and KTAG client tools are supported on the VIEZU Client Files service. At this time all KTAG files are not automatic and will be sent to the technical team for processing.

For files not read with a KessV2 or KTAG please send your files into desk@viezu.com as usual.